Senior/Lead Platform Engineer

Job description

As a DevOps Engineer you will

  • Take the lead in designing, developing, deploying and maintaining new and existing tooling/automation solutions to enable our client to further drive the reliability and efficiency of its operation platforms.
  • Be a driver of further automation in the Application Lifecycle Experience area and ensure the continued robustness of the team’s daily operations.
  • Ensure continuous integration, testing and deployment is facilitated through the use of industry DevOps best-practices and tools.
  • Use your technical know-how to support the entire organization to develop services in such a way that they always can be deployed and tested with a high degree of automation.
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to the service and process quality and take proactive action to prevent issues from arising and resolve them quickly and effectively when they still do occur.
  • Continuously expands your process and technical domain knowledge and share this knowledge to guide others.
  • In addition, as a DevOps engineer In the Application Lifecycle Experience Product unit you will be involved in developing end-to-end automation solutions for all our customers.

Job requirements

  • Have 5+ years of experience working in the Dev Ops area.
  • Good to have exposure to AWS + Some Azure / Azure DevOps Practices
  • Source code management skills - knowledge in GitLab/ Azure Dev Ops
  • Containerization with Docker / Kubernetes / AWS EKS / Azure AKS
  • Provisioning with Terraform / CloudFormation / ARM Templates
  • Monitoring tools: Grafana / Promethius / AWS CloudWatch / Azure Monitor / Cortex / Alert Manager / PagerDuty
  • CI/CD Tools - GitLab, BitBucket, Azure Pipelines
  • Cloud Skills - Network and Solution Deployment in Azure
  • Operating System Skills - Unix/Linux
  • Knowledge in software security